Certification & Qualification  


Practitioners certified through these trainers have the right to use the letters C.P. AMT that stands for Certified Practitioner of Meridian Energy Therapies through The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies. Although this certification does not in and of itself convey license to practice counselling or psychotherapy, it is recognised to qualify an existing practitioner for additional practice insurance to cover Meridian Energy Therapies.

The practitioner training is designed to provide a thorough grounding in the basic principles of the developing field of Meridian Energy Therapies and to prepare the practitioner to practice these unique forms of mind-body treatments with confidence and excellent success.

It is highly recommended that this training be taken for it brings together the underlying principles of Meridian Energy therapies and is the first step towards true mastery of not just one technique, but the entire field and all its rich and varied individual contributions.



The Advanced Practitioner Certification Training is designed to be taken no sooner than 3 month after completion of the Practitioner Training to broaden and widen the practitioner's range and scope.

The Advanced Practitioner Training introduces three further and very different forms of METs, namely TAT, BSFF and ET. It also includes Advanced EFT protocols, add-ons and applications.

It represents the outstanding opportunity for the practitioners who are already firmly grounded in the principles of MET work with clients to experiment, to learn and to try out many different approaches and techniques for themselves and to be able to discuss how and when to use these approaches to maximum benefit with fellow experienced professionals.

The Advanced Practitioner Training also includes more information on Kinesiology and very importantly, energetic states and clean and precise use of language, and introduces metaphor work that in conjunction with any of the MET approaches represents some of the most powerfully healing interventions known to date.

As the basics and most important core concepts of treating others with the new forms of Meridian Energy Therapies has already been established, there is no exam for the Advanced Practitioner Training. However, the trainers reserve the right to withhold or delay certification if they believe that this would be in the best interest of a participant and their clients.