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Covering Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire

Effective Pain Relief
The Bowen Technique

A powerful technique that helps resolve or relieve all kinds of pain. acute and chronic.

My clients testify to resolution and relief from all kinds of pain, see the testimony page where you can find testimony relating to:

Back Pain – Neck Pain –Shoulder Injury – Knee Pain – Asthma –
Body Balance

Bowen is an holistic therapy with no 'hard' manipulation or force used. It involves moves over muscle and soft tissue aimed at balancing the muscle and connective tissue which holds our skeleton, bringing it back into the optimum position for use. This therapy, because of its lack of force and pain is suitable for all ages.

For Emotional Release
Meridian Energy Therapies

Effective techniques for relieving , PTSD, stress, phobias, see specific pages for more information. Incorporating Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and EmoTrance.

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