Advanced MET Practitioner Training  

This 3-Day advanced training course is for people who have completed the AMT practitioner training in Meridian Energy Therapies.
On this course you will be able to embed the things you learnt at Practitioner level and take your learning in a new direction with the very latest developments.

Your skill level in applying EFT will be expanded, allowing you work to work more flexibly and effectively. You will learn techniques other than EFT, (i.e. TAT, EmoTrance and BSFF).

  Course Content  


The Choices Method

Using Metaphors

Effective use of language

Proxy (surrogate) work

The Vortex pattern

Working with parts and sub-personalities

Trance states

TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique)

BSFF (Be Set Free Fast)


Combination techniques and conflict resolution

Looking after yourself as a therapist

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