MET Practitioner (including EFT)

  On this 2 day course you will learn techniques that allow you to focus on specific problems and clear them gently and speedily. So that as a practitioner you are able to effectively treat :  
  Anxiety states (including stress). Phobias. Panic attacks. Grief. Anger.
Guilt. Jealousy, Low self-esteem. Trauma.
Habits and addictions. Pain and Self-limiting beliefs.

After the course as a practitioner you will be able to help a wide range of clients.
Course Content

Develop awareness and the ability to uncover and release limiting beliefs with clients.

How to approach traumatic situations gently, but effectively using EFT.

Using powerful questions and language patterns to uncover core issues.

How to deliver EFT to groups.

Using EFT to mitigate pain.

Muscle testing.

How to work with those who wish to lose weight or stop smoking.

Working with habits and addictions.

How to use EFT by telephone.

Testing your work


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