Keith Cherrington MBTER, Cert Ed,
Licenced Trainer and Advanced Practitioner
in Meridian Energy Therapies

bter badge

Trained with the European College of Bowen Studies qualifying in 2002, enjoying every minute of the course. Have since worked with a variety of clients and problems with great success. Now specialising in chronic (long term) pain and sports injuries. A serving committee member with BTER (Bowen Therapists European Register).

I came later to EFT and other Meridian Energy Therapies and am just as exited by these; it’s fantastic to be able to offer a full, rounded service. Offering freedom from long standing fears, traumas, phobias and raising confidence/performance levels as well as having the tools to treat purely physical ailments, although these often have an emotional source.  

A Licenced Trainer with AMT (Association for Meridian Therapies)