What does the treatment involve?
A consultation normally lasts around 45 minutes. During this time I will assess the dog, watching how it moves and any difficulties it has. I will also require a signed veterinary referral form, and will ask a series of questions to help build a picture of the dog. This information will help monitor changes that have taken place between treatments and gauge how the dog is progressing. The Bowen technique is not a substitute for conventional veterinary treatment

Where is it best to treat my dog?
To maximise the effect of treatment the dog needs to feel relaxed and comfortable in its surroundings. Treatment is normally done in a calm quiet place at a time of day when the dog isn’t expecting to go for a walk, have a meal etc, and in an area where the dog doesn’t need to be on the lead as it shouldn’t feel restricted during the treatment. This can either be in the home or garden, wherever the dog prefers to spend its time.

How much does it cost?
£30 per Session

If travelling more than a 10 mile radius from Bristol City Centre, travel expenses may be added.

Please phone for any information or to
book an appointment.

Mobile Number: 07527274754